Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to the drawing board

We decided to meet in the library after class to discuss our documentary because we knew was not going well and we wanted to make something interesting. So we stayed with the sports club idea but instead of doing it on the teams we decided to do it on the people behind the sport, the volunteers we wanted to show the hard workers behind the clubs who give up their free time to help out these teams without being paid.

We decided on three people that we wanted and they were Bridie Kerr a woman who is in her eighties and has been volunteering at Droughada United for years, a man called Frank who helps out in Shelbourne football club snd Stuart Maclindon who is a volunteer coach of the Irish Wheelchair Rugby team.

Our jobs were: Des was going to call Bridie, Jason was going to call Frank and I was going to talk to Stuart.

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