Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Howth day 2

6 in the morning we started shooting :(. we first got shots of the boats going out. later on we got the sunrise and i got a chance to shoot with camera jason pushed me while i held the camera. we got all the interviews we needed but it was hard because we had issues with the sound so we used the mic on the camera. and i couldn't get up to all the rooms due to my enemy...STAIRS.

Howth day 1

For the first Day in howth me and my Step-dad Alan brought the equipment and met up with the guys. we first shot leslie ann doing the intro and out-tro for the documentary. i was on sound so i was able to be involved. It was hard for me to do much because it was not very accessible but i have to say i would have been lost without Alan

we also got all the shots for our cut-aways.

First Pitch for Major

for our major we had a pitch and I was freaking out because we had no idea because we were just focusing on our minor. So when we went up lads said they were going to do it on the Irish Football league and my mind went blank and went the tuter asked did i like the idea i said NO because i hate football idea and it was to broad idea.

First Edit 16/10/12

First edit was hard we had a lot of over exposed shots and we did not finish it on time. But it was good to get re-introduced to Final Cut Pro.

Practiced with the camera 15/10/12

we got the first try of the camera shooting a promo for the college which was good we got a lot of shots but bit over-exposed and i got my hands on the camera. have to say the guys are great they push me while i hold the camera.

First meeting in Howth 10/10/12

The first day in Howth we had a look around in Howth to see what locations we could use in the documentary. The first meeting with The Harbour master went ok but he first started telling us what forms we needed and the history of Howth and what we should research for our documentary. The only thing that was a bit off putting was that he was expecting us to pay a fee for shooting which I thought was a bit ridicules.

Then the lads went to Aqua restaurant to the manager about shooting, which he was more than ok for us to do. the only bad thing was i could not get up the Stairs.

Minor decision

for the Minor we decided to do it on the Fishing industry in Howth Harbour. Jason was going to email the Harbour Master about filming in Howth. we decided that it would be more professional to speak to the Harbour Master in person and discuss our idea and if he would be willing to be interviewed. To have more variety in shots Des is going to use is 7D camera for the cutaways.

Getting to know the equiptment

In one of our early classes we were shown how to use the new camera's in class. I have to admit being in the chair with the camera is very worrying because of how expensive it is and if i will be able to lift it.

8th of October new day

Today I got into my Group with Colin, Jason and Des. we discussed our first documentary Which is our Minor.


Being a taxi driver in Dublin



Fishing industry

Irish League Football

In the next Meeting we are going to pick the idea we like the most and talk about the research we have found on it.