Wednesday, April 24, 2013

final day

Wheelz in Green is finally done, all we had to do today is fix a bit of audio and do a bit of color correction. all in all so proud of my group


we have this documentary almost done just getting rid of interviews that are not strong enough and are dragging the documentary down.


this documentary is turning out to be great, bit of a few problems with audio. but we have so much footage of good interviews that we can change them.

major 4/3/13

we started putting the structure down on this monster of a documentary, by putting our interviews together.


first day we went through our mountain of footage to see which was usable or not. while des stole my chair....

Euros 2

today was a somber affair the team lost and are out of the league. so when the lads asked me to get an interview with the players i waited till the players had time to get over their loss before we bombarded them, but luckily we got all the interviews we needed


when i met up with the crew to film the games. we decided that i would go and get the interviews we needed for our documentary which were able to do though the team lost they were in good spirits

Wheelz cafe

In the wheelz cafe we were supposed to be filming the team trying to make money for their equipment  sadly no one showed and not much to shoot except the team getting their pictures taken.

new idea

we decided to go with a new idea because Bride had not confirmed if she would be in the documentary. we are going to film the Gealic Warriors wheelchair rugby team and their volunteers